Tyson Swindell

L’Aventure (Boxset)

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L'Aventure is an attempt to reveal my creative process in the most honest and vulnerable way possible.

My songs often start as simple poems. I keep a journal handy when I start plucking incessantly on a melody that has wormed into my head. I look for sounds that form bonds with the words and I follow their mysteries.

Creativity is a process of distillation for me. Here you will find 65 poems reduced to 6 demo tracks which are then reduced further to 1 polished single. I’m pleased to present you this limited-edition, custom designed package, which is a journey into both my heart and my mind in three movements:

-68 page, bound poetry book written in Paris and New York City.
-Cassette tape of ideas that survived the initial distillation process with download.
-Binary Stars the traditional single available by digital download and all streaming services.