All The Good Times CD

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For the upcoming Starlings, TN release All The Good Times, the band’s seventh full-length, arriving November 12th via Austin’s Chicken Ranch Records label, Stubblefield shares writing duties with bassist Mitchell Vandenbrg, as well as longtime friend, Birdie Benjamin. Vandenburg previously appeared on 2012’s Starlings, TN album Heartache In 4/4 Time on which the three were also joined by Bryan Robison on guitar, rounding out the group. “Bryan (Robison) and I have been friends for 20 years,” says (Tim) Bryan, so I’m glad we’re finally playing together. We should have done it sooner!” In addition to the collaborative nature of its tunes, All The Good Times represents a revolution in Stubblefield’s writing perspective, with more observational, narrative songs as opposed to the cathartic exercises that he was used to relying on. “I have often used my writing as a survival tool,” he says. “For now, those days are behind me.”