Juni Ata

"Saudade" (Flying on Fire Records)

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From Flying on Fire Records.

 Limited edition 180 gram brown vinyl LP, also available on CD.  

The debut album of Juni Ata, aka Jesse Daniel Edwards.  A lush and heartfelt voyage through the eyes of Mr. Edwards, touching on loss, longing and heartache.  

Saudade includes a murderers row of Nashville and Texas musicians, including Matthew Ryan, Madi Diaz, and co-producer Steve Cropper.  Our pal Jacob Rosswog (of The Clutters) co-produced and was vital in the project coming to fruition. 

"Saudade is surely one of the best albums so far this year. The album was made as a passion project, intended to satisfy only the people involved in making it. Yet that confidence and sense of adventure gave us an album that takes a lot of risks and absolutely sticks the landing. Saudade is a gorgeous celebration of all that Americana has to offer"- No Depression

 “A remarkably powerful record from start to finish.” – New Noise

“Ata’s complex melodies, emotional lyrics, and distinctive vocals add up to a mesmerizing package on the well-named Saudade”- Americana Highways