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Bully- Milkman 7"

by Bully

$4.99 / Sold Out

Two hot new tracks from Nashville's Bully. Super limited edition blue vinyl and black vinyl available.

"Milkman" is a rad, urgent rocker full of frontlady Alicia Bognanno's vocal harmonies, and "Faceblind" is a slightly more pensive mid-tempo jam. Hashtag both good"- Nashville Cream

"New 7" single 'Milkman' b/w 'Faceblind' goes further. It carries a more blitzing pace, with pop punk influences tearing through and splintering the surface. Primarily the project of Alicia Bognanno, it's in her vocals that things get seriously exciting. Every screeching word audible above a thick racket of guitars, regardless of the crazed direction-changes these tracks tend to take off on, she holds her own. Consider this 2014's answer to Cloud Nothings."- This is Fake DIY (UK)

"On the strength of these two tracks, and their debut EP, Bully are one of the most impressive new bands in the world right now."- Crack in The Road