Chris Crofton & The Alcohol Stuntband- Thelema!"


“THELEMA! is a flame-throwing, fire-breathing dragon of a hard-rock album, swaggering with threat and ambition. The record’s shot through with the edgy energy and abrasive wit of Crofton’s Nashville Cream podcasts and his stand-up routines — as on “I Like Your Wife,” a grinding slow burn in which he assumes both sides of a conversation between the leering sleazeball who really likes your wife and you, the husband getting dangerously pissed. His “Jungleland” is the stunning title track, a mini-rock opera whose movements recount the real-life rise and fall of Jack Parsons, the rocket-propulsion pioneer, Aleister Crowley acolyte and sex-magick voyager whose search for transcendence met its fiery apogee in his home laboratory. It snarls from a car CD console like a beamed-in broadcast from the age of punk, and no doubt it’ll kick twice the ass live, as Crofton’s in no danger of losing his standing as one of Nashville’s least inhibited frontmen.” – Jim Ridley, Nashville Scene