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Chicken Ranch Grab Bags


Image of Chicken Ranch Grab Bags

The warehouse is overflowing and the Ranch wants to get some music and swag into your grubby little hands. So, here's our annual Grab Bag Sale!

Several packages to choose from:

- The Sampler :: $20
At least 5 cds and other bonus swag (stickers, etc)

- The Fan :: $30
A Random assortment of LP, CD, singles, posters, and other swag.

- The Poster Fiend: $30
At least 2 screenprinted posters, and a hodgepodge of other posters from the CRR archives

- The Vinylist :: $50
At least 4 LPs and 2 7" singles

- The Collector :: $99
1 Random Test Pressing, 4 LPs, singles, CDs and other items.