Bully - 7" EP


Side A:

Side B:
Poetic Trash

'Bully prove that the dream of the '90s is still alive with this riff-riddled, angular slab of poppy indie rock that recalls Veruca Salt and early Liz Phair. From Bully's forthcoming EP (out later this summer), "Brainfreeze" is the punk girl you had a crush on in high school — your heart skips a beat when she tells you to get the hell out of her way.'- Nashville Scene

"My recent favorite out of the music city is Bully, a three-piece that banks on Letters To Cleo vocals, Pavement college rock noodling, and their own unique brand of lyricism that stands out with lines like 'I'm not your water boy.' This four-song EP is a sign of great things to come for Bully, who are already setting themselves up for fans of Liz Phair, Swearin', and Built To Spill. "- Impose

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