Broken Gold- Turning Blue

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The upcoming "Turning Blue" EP by Broken Gold (Chicken Ranch Records, Nov. 20, 2015) asks some big, hard questions; concerns that have arisen organically within the band.

In 2009, leader Ian MacDougall was in a serious car accident. He lost a year to recuperation, a year in which it was unclear if he would be physically be able to return to playing music. For MacDougall, who joined his other band The Riverboat Gamblers fresh out of high school, there was no "Plan B," and knowing the fastest way through darkness is just to drive right through it, he and Broken Gold are emerging, galvanized by what they’ve endured.

Supported by Ben Lance (Guitar), fellow Riverboat Gambler, Rob Marchant (Bass), and Rich Cali (Drums), MacDougall has written and recorded his best songs to date, mature and thoughtful without losing the jittery anxiousness of youth. Broken Gold invites comparisons to some of the indie rock legends - Superchunk in ’89, Dinosaur Jr in ’87, The Replacements in ’84 - while still sounding totally their own.

While MacDougall has already logged a solid decade with The Riverboat Gamblers, don’t misunderstand Broken Gold as a lesser version of the Austin party punk legends. If the Gamblers represent beer-drenched, Saturday night anarchy-euphoria-oblivion, Broken Gold is the urgent desperation after the party’s over.

Like the "Turning Blue" EP itself, Broken Gold's very existence asks the questions: How do we make sense of the chaos we’ve enjoyed? Are we responsible for the mess we’ve made, the destruction we’ve caused, and the people we’ve hurt? How are we even going to make it home?

The "Turning Blue" EP by Broken Gold arrives Nov. 20 2015 via Austin's Chicken Ranch Records digitally and on 7-inch vinyl.